Biscuit Miller Band

Chicagos Signs the Biscuit Miller Band!! If you've ever heard this amazing group, then you know what a big deal it is that Chicagos signed the Biscuit Miller Band! Ben and Scott are committed to bringing you the best music from all over the world. As well, sparing no expense to do so!
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Live Interactive Camera

Owners Ben and Scott are all about giving their guests the best of the best that they offer. Whether its the best food, drink, service, atmosphere, music or even technology. They spared no expense to make sure you can see whats going on real time and give you complete control of the experience with their…
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Have a Cigar

Come in here dear boy and have a cigar, you're gonna go far... That's right, if this Chicagos setup is in front of you, you've made it.
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